No Pressure, First Blog Post Ever

So I’m a college girl getting ready for my trip to London for a year to study abroad when it  hits me. WRITE A BLOG.

First I over analyzed- what site should I use? What do I write about? How do I trick people into reading whatever it is I’m writing about? And what does blog mean? Is it an acronym? Concatenation? Stem from some Latin scripture? Or a 13-year old geek genius just knew how to put letters together and make something sound catchy?

I put a solid 8 minutes of brain power from bed before I forgot all about it.

BUT THEN, 5 hours later it hits me. WRITE A BLOG!

Duh! Too easy. All I need is a good take on the world. An angle. A story to keep viewers interested…

I got it! My mom and I stopped for McDonalds vanilla ice cream to celebrate (you’ll understand this better over time, so stay tuned)

Got home, pulled out the computer–got lost in IMDB for what Emilio Estevez has done since the Mighty Ducks 3 (nothing, in case you’re wondering) until 2 hours later when it hit me. WRITE A BLOG!

I knew I had a good idea at one point… Nope. Lost it.

Now, I’m not a scatter brain or have ADD or anything, but making the perfect blog was something I needed to discover. Something that had to be realized.

Then it hits me. HAVE DAVID WRITE MY BLOG!

Well not write it, but at least register it and get passed all that technical stuff and teach me. AND AC CAN DESIGN IT! She’s good at this stuff.

This was a good plan. Good enough to not think about it for 2 weeks until they got here.

Oh wait–back up. AC is my boobilicious older sis (photo pending if she let’s me) and David is her tech-savy film producer bf. I love them. (And yes, they’re sitting right here staring at me)

Anyway, short story even shorter–AC fell asleep instead of helping, and David got it online, but no time to design or teach me as I scramble to pack. No idea what to write about, how to do it, or what blog even means, but here I come internet.


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