“May a gentleman help a lady?”

So, my first day in London comes to end. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the amicability and courteousness of Londoners. In my 56 minute trek (Underground and by foot) from Heathrow to my residence, no less than 3 different people helped me drag my obscenely overpacked luggage (when weighing my bags at check-in I made sure to dangle half of each suitcase off the scale without the guy seeing. I’m going to guess each bag is 70 pounds x 2) across the city. I couldn’t help but laugh when a guy approached me and in complete earnestness (read with British accent), “May a gentleman help a lady?”

First impression of Holburn, Convent Garden, and Leicaster Square area, it has a striking resemblance to Soho in Manhattan—lots of great shopping, nice restaurants, and sexy people. I had been told that London is very international but I didn’t expect to hear so many languages. I would say that I may have heard more French and Italian than British accents from people walking by.

Okay let’s look at some numbers of this first day:

# of times the guy at Vodafone store yelled at me because I kept saying dollars instead of pounds: 2

# of times someone approached me because they thought I was Italian (and not the Jersey Shore kind!): 2

# of times I was offered an alcoholic beverage: 6

# of times I was offered tea: 8

# of times I looked blankly at a Brit when I didn’t understand what they just said: 11

Not bad for a first day. I’m exhausted, I couldn’t even hold the camera straight to take a picture of the view from my window. However, it did yield a rather pretty photo:


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