Okay, so let’s start with the facts:

  1. My name is Chloe
  2. I’m a 20-year-old American college student
  3. I will be residing in London, England for the next year

I couldn’t bear to write an introduction that began with any permutation of a greeting e.g. Hey! Hello there. Hi. Howdy. Hola! ‘ello Mate (wait, is that British or Australian?). You get the idea. One reason being that I spent a solid forty minutes at the airport gate trying to decide which sounded the least corny without compromising congeniality and arrived at an unintelligible noise that in no way can be adequately conveyed through text (Okay fine, I’ll try, Ayyyyeeyy. See? Maybe I’ll add an audio clip if I can figure that out.). Second, I kept imagining myself stumbling across this random girl’s blog that began with one of those typical greetings then proceeded to explain her upcoming voyage to (fill in the blank) with airy excitement and for some inexplicable reason, I would feel an unjustifiable amount of contempt towards this imaginary girl and worse, I wouldn’t read her blog. So to sidestep all this mayhem (you better read my blog), I decided to enumerate the boring stuff, at least at that point I would be acknowledging its boringness, hopefully making me cooler in the blogging world where I’m still the new kid with some mystique (and a dark past?).

So let’s review what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Chloe spends her time sitting in corners of airports muttering noises to herself trying to decide on the perfect salutation
  2. Chloe wishes she was Ryan Atwood                                       
  3. Chloe’s blog is going to be about, uh, well, something

I imagine my blog will derive inspiration from Mythbusters (I want to refute or affirm stereotypes and preconceptions), The Parent Trap (If Lindsay Lohan can play both the twins so can I! First I was Hallie in California and now I’m Annie in London), Chasing Liberty (everyone loves a good Mandy Moore movie), Winning London (No one does it better than MK&A and, as if I need another reason, Mary-Kate’s name was Chloe in the movie!), and The Mighty Ducks (because Gordon Bombay is just damn right inspiring).

They have just announced they are boarding my plane. It is officially time to head across the pond—London is calling. Stay tuned.


One thought on “

  1. I love the name of your blog! First I thought it was clever. Then I knew for certain it was clever. And now I can see it being a household name. Keep it coming London girl!

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