Being that my last post was quite lengthy and there have been several requests for more pictures of London, I decided that I would change the pace a little and share some of my favourite (Is my attempt to be British getting annoying yet?) photographs thus far.

Some streets of London are lined with these tall trees that seem to arch over the street forming a verdant ceiling. I wonder if they have exclusively aesthetic value or actually have a practical purpose as well (I imagine that these trees could provide refuge from the city’s frequent rain fall acting as an almost natural umbrella. Hmm, I kind of like that concept).

Anyway, let’s zoom in on one of these trees.

So do they pose a threat? Maybe they’re not quite as benevolent as I thought.

No, wait, ah ha! They are nice trees! I saw this doctored sign right by the LSE campus. Major kudos to the person who did this, the altering is seamless!

Ahh, I love Europe, everything is so classy. Even the garbage truck (aka Eurotrash) is a Mercedez Benz!

Because I simply needed a picture of Big Ben.

My Italian friend, Giovanni, and, um, the Queen? Creeeepy. I am really quite convinced that it’s a guy under the mask. I mean, just look at that hand…

The only thing better than capturing sights and landmarks by pictures, is capturing other people take pictures of sights and landmarks. So behold…

A person in Chinatown, I think she may know that I’m taking a pictures of her…whoops. Not so stealth. (Damn, look at that glare)

I really like this one. With the captivating background scenery, this girl is checking to see if she looks hot enough in the picture just taken by the guy on the bike.

Blonde chick vs. the neo-Gothic architecture of the Palace of Westminster—who will win?! Stay tuned.


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