(News) Food (& Wine) For Thought

So it’s time for a quick, random, and of course British observation with Chloe

Today I was strolling down the street in London (in case you are wondering, I’m becoming quite the little British street crosser) and I came a(cross) your typical convenience store. As far as merchandise offerings, décor, or even color schemes (come on, red, white and blue?) the store was profoundly mediocre (that may even be generous).  So why do I write about such place you ask?

Well, being a fan of titles and names of things/places (I think I may spend more time thinking of the title of my blog entries than actually writing them) I felt the need to share with you the store name that I found particularly striking:

Okay, I know what you are thinking.

  1. Um, was that a joke? If so, it kind of reaaaaally sucked.
  2. Wow, Chloe should stick to writing about what she knows best—froyo and other frozen treats
  3. I wonder when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is coming out on DVD? (November 11th)

In all seriousness, I really did find this sign interesting. I thought that the name, NEWS FOOD & WINE, perfectly epitomized the values and desires of Londoners. Okay, so let’s break this down (Me vs. News Food & Wine—see clip below).


People here take pride in their knowledge of global occurrences. It is simply assumed that you know the latest happenings (worldwide) and hold an opinion about it (I know, so demanding). While this also rings true in the U.S. in certain circles, the permeable borders of Europe makes it absolutely essential to be in-the know all the time.


It is common knowledge that the food in England is lackluster at best. While that is not to say that you cannot find amazing grub in London, it just seems as if British people do not value eating and meals in the same way that their continental European neighbors do. From what I’ve observed, English people eat simply because they need to satiate their body’s need for food. Much of the time, the food is bland and uninspired (so not my style). Food is generally regarded as for sustenance, not pleasure. So to see a place that reduces the wonderful joys of eating to simply FOOD strikes me as just-so-British.


Do I really need to go into much detail here? British people like to drink….a lot. To omit the fact that copious amounts of alcohol is consumed (all the time) in London, would be like forgetting to mention that British people have accents.

News, food, and wine. That is all one needs in London.


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