Short List, But Tall Tales: UK Resolutions

Let us attend to the first order of business for the year, resolutions. It has come to my attention that over the past few weeks, I have been rather flippant in declaring things as “one off my resolutions.” However, I at no point established a set list of resolutions, so without a fixed list, these are simply fleeting ideas and emotions—and that simply won’t do. So I present to you a very abridged version of my…


1. Venture to East London more often and pretend that I’m cooler than I really am

In case you don’t know, East London is where the young (I’m in my 20’s and trying to define myself), the artsy (Check it, I have facial hair), and the trendy (I bet my clothes are older than yours) all coalesce into one massive heap of hyper-stylized hipsters. There seems to be this bizarre yet mesmerizing appeal of East London. I’ve yet to meet someone who, when mentioning East London, hasn’t acknowledged the irony of going somewhere so “hip.” It is as if no one can really embody what East London seems to represent, yet we are all captivated by it. Perhaps that is what makes it so compelling, we are always trying to capture the essence of East London but it always seems to evade us. Now where did I put my vintage sweater and skinny jeans?

2. Take up an alter-ego and go bunburying in London

Ahh, this has been my dream since reading the play, The Importance of Being Earnest, in 11th Grade Brit Lit (shout out to Beowulf). In the hilarious Oscar Wilde satire, the character of Jack Worthing has two identities; he is “Jack in the country, Ernest in the city.” Jack, a widely respected man in his country community, takes up a completely different name and persona when he goes to London to free himself of his social responsibilities. While there aren’t any responsibilities that I’m really looking to elude, I have always been intrigued by this idea of bunburying and constructing an alternative identity—even just for a night. I’m thinking Svetlana, daughter of a Russian Oligarch…

3.  Be like Jasmine and go to the “marketplace”


While London is no Agrabah, it is quite well known for its market scene. Nearly every area of town, Southbank, Notting Hill, East London, etc., has a weekend market and each has its own unique identity. However, while every market is different, they are all brimming with fresh food, fun trinkets, and FREE SAMPLES (missing Yogurtland more than ever) plus I like the idea of channeling old world London by shopping at “the market.”


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